Job: Community Program Specialist I-Total Wellness-Extra Help (Open)

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Community Program Specialist I-Total Wellness-Extra Help (Open)
Salary:$27.60 - $34.51 Hourly
$2,208.00 - $2,760.80 Biweekly
$4,784.00 - $5,981.73 Monthly
Job Type:Other (Posting Only)
Location:San Mateo County, California
The County of San Mateo Health System's Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS), is seeking a part time time extra-help data assistant (Community Program Specialist I) for an integrated behavioral health and primary care program, Total Wellness.  Total Wellness aims to reduce disparities in access to health care for people with mental illness and alcohol and drug addictions, as well as improve their physical health outcomes through chronic disease wellness prevention, early intervention, health coordination, and disease management strategies.  The data assistant will work with a multidisciplinary team of medical and behavioral health professionals and para-professionals, to collect, track and analyze health outcomes of Total Wellness consumers.

This position will report to the Unit Chief of the Total Wellness program and/or her designee.

Primary responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Create and maintain databases for Total Wellness program by finding, inputting, verifying, managing and analyzing program-related data.
  • Assist with program-specific data collection by gathering data directly from clients or medical records, input and manage data.
  • Ensure a timely collection, dissemination and submission of data.
  • Create reporting/marketing tools (including but not limited to graph, chart, table, PowerPoint, flyer, brochure) as needed.
  • Share outcomes of these analyses with supervisor and team members regularly.
  • Perform other data related activities as needed as assigned by supervisor.
  • Other tasks and duties as assigned.
The ideal candidate will possess:
  • Proficient computer skills to use several independent database systems, as well as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and various Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) such as Avatar and eCW, Soarian, LabCorp, and email.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to manage and complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with team members, as well as independently and autonomously to complete tasks timely and efficiently.
  • Reliable and flexible.
NOTE: Extra-help assignments are at-will and the employee is paid on an hourly basis. Some extra help positions are eligible for benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Extra-help workers are not guaranteed permanent status at the end of the extra-help assignment.
If you are interested in being considered for this extra help position the following must be submitted via e-mail:
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Responses to supplemental questions
Please include the words "Community Program Specialist I-Total Wellness-Extra Help Position" in the subject line of email submission. All submitted materials must be in a Word or PDF format.
Please submit the above listed materials via email to:
Shirley Chu, Supervising Mental Health Clinician
Submit responses to these Supplemental Questions:  
  1. Describe your overall experience for this position and your knowledge of integrated behavioral health and primary care programs such as those under Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.
  2. Describe your experience coordinating a program. Include how you monitored the program and engaged participants to complete the program successfully.
  3. Describe your level of proficiency in independent database systems, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR), such as Avatar, and eCW, Soarian, LabCorp, and email.
Application materials will be reviewed as they are received and well-qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Apply immediately. Application materials will be accepted until position is filled. This posting is open on a continuous basis and selection may be made at any time within the process.
NOTE: Application materials are only accepted via e-mail. Materials sent via regular mail and/or fax will not be accepted. Submittals that do not include all required elements (responses to supplemental questions, writing sample, graphic design sample(s) and a resume) will not be considered.
The County of San Mateo does not require job applicants to disclose conviction history information until after the applicant successfully completes all examination phases for the recruitment. All passing applicants will receive instructions by email only from Human Resources staff to complete and submit a conviction history questionnaire online within a specified deadline of two business days. Failure to do so within the timeframe will disqualify you from the rest of the process. Please visit this link at to find out more information about the conviction history questionnaire so that you can prepare accordingly.
Note: Positions in criminal justice agencies currently required by law to pass background checks are exempted from this bill, and applicants may be required to submit conviction information at the time of application.

San Mateo County is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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