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Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Dentist (Open)
Closing Date/Time:Thu. 05/17/18 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary:$69.79 - $87.25 Hourly
$5,583.20 - $6,980.00 Biweekly
$12,096.93 - $15,123.33 Monthly
$145,163.20 - $181,480.00 Annually
Job Type:Full-Time
Location:San Mateo County, California
The San Mateo Medical Center is seeking General Dentists.  The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years of clinical experience.  Many of our patients require oral surgery.  Services are performed in a hospital-based clinic and general clinic settings.  As a result, dental services are integrated with health system processes and infrastructure support including electronic health records, medical dictation and the availability of dental and medical specialists in both the hospital and satellite clinics.

Besides being a full-scope Medical Center and Hospital, the San Mateo Medical Center operates five dental clinics located in San Mateo (39th Avenue Clinic), Redwood City (Fair Oaks Health Center- FOHC), Daly City (Daly City Clinic), Coastside Clinic (Half Moon Bay), and a Mobile Dental Clinic (MDC)   These clinics treat children and adults, homeless and transitional populations, and patients with HIV diagnosis.

All Clinics are open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, with some evenings, and some Saturday hours.  There is an oral surgeon at the San Mateo facility every Wednesday, at FOHC every Monday, and at Coastside one day every other month.  At FOHC and MDC, there is a special clinic where patients are treated by University of Pacific Third Year Residents.  Pregnant women on Medi-Cal can also obtain dental services in all of the clinics.  Additionally, San Mateo Medical Center oversees dental care for correctional health. 

NOTE: The eligible list generated from this recruitment may be used to fill future extra-help, term, unclassified, and regular classified vacancies.  
 Examples Of Duties:
Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Conduct medical/dental examinations and make diagnoses.
  • Perform all phases of dental treatment  (i.e., fillings, root canals, crowns, etc.)
  • Determine and prescribe appropriate treatment and/or medication for dental disorders.
  • Perform prophylactic dentistry services.
  • Treat mouth diseases, perform oral surgery, prescribe drugs in connection with dental treatment and instruct patients in oral hygiene.
  • Operate dental radiology equipment.
  • Prepare and maintain clinical records; supervise pre- and post- operative care of dental surgical cases.
  • Order examinations, analyses and x-rays, conducts rounds and reviews reports, records and the general progress of patients.
  • Teach and provide instruction to residents and dental students.
  • Arrange and conduct consulting conferences and chart reviews for the discussion of the dental and surgical condition of patients.
  • Provide clinical supervision to licensed and professional staff.
  • Prepare reports and maintain records of activities.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


  • Active dental license to practice dentistry issued by the California Board of Dental Examiners.

Knowledge of:
  • Principles and practices of modern dentistry and its application, techniques, procedures and equipment.
  • Current developments, trends and research in the dental field.
  • Basic understanding of clinical supervisory principles and practices.
  • Pharmacology including laws regarding informed consent, dosage ranges, drug incompatibilities, and side effects.
  • Proper documentation of clinical services.
  • Dental diagnosis and treatment.

Skill/Ability to:
  • Diagnose and treat dental conditions of patients.
  • Develop and monitor appropriate treatment plans including prescription of medications.
  • Conduct dental examinations.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, their families, staff and others.
  • Maintain dental records and prepare reports.
  • Clinically supervise licensed and professional staff.

Anyone may apply. A supplemental application form must be submitted in addition to our regular employment application form. Resume or CV will not be accepted as a substitute for the required employment application and supplemental questionnaire.

The examination process will consist of an application screening (pass/fail) based on the candidates' application and responses to the supplemental questions. Candidates who pass the application screening will be invited to a panel interview (weight: 100%). Depending on the number of applicants, an application appraisal of education and experience may be used in place of other examinations or further evaluation of work experience may be conducted to group applicants by level of qualification. All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. All examinations will be given in San Mateo County, California and applicants must participate at their own expense.

IMPORTANT: Applications for this position will only be accepted online. If you are currently on the County's website, you may click the "Apply Online" button above or below. If you are not on the County's website, please go to to apply.

Final Filing Date:  May 17, 2018
Application Screening:  May 22, 2018
Panel Interviews:  June 6 and/or 7, 2018

At the County of San Mateo, we take pride in the way our employees bring together their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to serve our community's needs. The County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
HR Contact: Kristin Herman (050318) (Dentist - F032)

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