Job: Director of Economic Self-Sufficiency (Open and Promotional)

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Pay: $145,787.20 to $182,270.40/year

Salary : $70.09 - $87.63 Hourly $5,607.20 - $7,010.40 Biweekly $12,148.93 - $15,189.20 Monthly $145,787.20 - $182,270.40 Annually

Posted: 04/13/2018

Job Status: Full Time

Job Reference #: 1984550

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Director of Economic Self-Sufficiency (Open and Promotional)
Closing Date/Time:Thu. 05/10/18 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary:$70.09 - $87.63 Hourly
$5,607.20 - $7,010.40 Biweekly
$12,148.93 - $15,189.20 Monthly
$145,787.20 - $182,270.40 Annually
Job Type:Full-Time
Location:San Mateo County, California
NOTE: This recruitment schedule was amended on April 16, 2018 to extend the closing date. Final Closing Date will be May 10, 2018.
San Mateo County's Human Services Agency is seeking a dynamic leader for the position of Director of Economic Self-Sufficiency. 
The Director of Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS) is responsible for the administration of the public assistance programs within the Human Services Agency, including General Assistance, CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and CAPI. The goal of ESS is to enhance the well-being of San Mateo County's neediest children, families and adults by providing increased enrollment and retention in public assistance programs. The Director will work closely with staff, county, state and federal partners to ensure that all mandates and performance standards are met.

We are seeking candidates with at least 10 years of increasingly responsible experience managing multi-disciplinary social services or human services programs, including at least five years of significant management experience working in public assistance programs. Candidates who also have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university with major course work in public administration, business administration, political science, or a related discipline is a plus.
In addition, the ideal candidate will be:
  • A communicative, approachable, and politically astute leader with a management style that quickly fosters trust, respect, commitment and partnership from the community, other organizations, elected officials, other executives, managers and employees.
  • A proven leader with a track record of successfully managing and improving quality assurance in a complex human services organization, specifically in public assistance programs.
  • Knowledgeable and have detailed understanding of the public assistance programs and how to meet program performance standards.
  • Successful in managing workflow and process improvement in integrated public assistance programs.
  • A leader who has demonstrated collaboration with the community and other departments within a human services environment, including Child Welfare, Employment Services, Fiscal and Administration.
  • A results-oriented leader who has exceptional problem-solving skills and abilities and can guide others in achieving measurable outcomes.
  • A great communicator and listener with the ability to speak and articulate effectively to diverse audiences, including staff, professional, business, industry and citizen groups.
  • Extensively experienced in managing a large and diverse staff in public assistance programs.
  • Experienced with Human Resources in a public sector environment, including the development and maintenance of positive relationships with labor organizations and advocacy groups.
  • Experienced in developing strategic plan strategies and measuring outcomes.

Life in San Mateo County provides a picturesque setting, combined with an incredible array of activities which truly represent the California lifestyle at its finest. Bordered on the west by the majestic Pacific Ocean, to the north by San Francisco, to the east by the scenic San Francisco Bay, and to the south by the world famous Silicon Valley, San Mateo County offers a wide range of recreational pursuits, economic opportunities and numerous attractions. The 758,000 residents of the County enjoy a diverse, multi-cultural citizenry, cosmopolitan ambiance, temperate climate, clean air, rural open space, and a geographic location in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula. San Mateo County government provides a full range of services with a workforce of over 5,500 employees in 23 agencies and departments, and a budget of approximately $2.4 billion.
The vision of the Human Services Agency is:
  • All San Mateo County residents enjoy a healthy, safe, prosperous, and collaborative community. 

The Human Services Agency staff, with the support of the Board of Supervisors and community partners actively implements our mission:
  • Enhance the well-being of children, adults, and families by providing professional, responsive, caring and supportive service.

Our Values are based on direct feedback from customers, community partners, and staff members:
  • Client Experience -- We respect and honor the diversity, rights, and dignity of each other and those that we serve.  Potential and existing clients have high quality interactions with Agency staff that are consistent, accurate, and timely.
  • Employee Excellence -- We are committed to supporting employee growth and development to promote engaged employees and a culture of excellence.
  • Community Engagement -- We seek community partnerships built on trust, respect, and clear communication to enhance the services provided to San Mateo County residents.
  • Continuous Improvement -- We believe in continuous learning from our practices, the practices of similar agencies and organizations, and research to increase our effectiveness.
  • Results-Focused -- We are data-driven and accountable for achieving positive outcomes using benchmarks at all Agency levels.
  • Innovation -- We foster an environment that encourages evaluating service delivery methods to maximize efficiency and leverage rapidly advancing technology.
  • Responsiveness -- We are responsible community stewards and take effective action in a timely manner.

The Agency's Self-Sufficiency programs along with community partners promote family stability for individuals and families by providing supplemental nutrition assistance, health care insurance, and temporary financial support to those in need. The goal and commitment of the Program is to promote greater self-sufficiency among eligible residents of San Mateo County by increasing and retaining enrollments in our Medi-Cal health insurance program and contributing to our community's efforts to increase food security through the CalFresh program.   We also provide temporary financial assistance through the CalWorks, General Assistance, and CAPI programs.  The Economic Self-Sufficiency division operates with a budget of approximately 100 million dollars and 385 staff members.


Education and Experience: Any combination of education and experience that would meet the ideal candidate qualifications illustrated above may qualify.
Open & Promotional. Anyone may apply. Current employees of San Mateo County and the Superior Court of California in the County of San Mateo with at least six months (1040 hours) of continuous service in a classified regular, probationary, SEIU or AFSCME represented extra-help/term position prior to the final filing date will receive five points added to their final passing score on this examination. 

Important Information About the Examination Process 
The examination process will consist of the steps detailed in order below. Not all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications are guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. All examinations will be given in San Mateo County, California, and applicants must participate in person, at their own expense.
  1. Initial review of application materials (weight: pass/fail). Overall presentation will be evaluated at this step and applicants submitting incomplete application and responses to the supplemental question, lacking relevant qualifications and/or not following instructions will be disqualified. Applicants who pass the initial review will be moved to the application screening by subject matter experts.
  2. Application screening (weight: pass/fail). Subject matter experts will be assessing relevance of applicants' training and experience to the needs of the positions being filled as well as writing skills. Assessment is based on relevant work history and background as listed on the application, responses to the supplemental questions and overall presentation. The assessors will select those applicants whose education and experience most closely match the current needs of the department. Because of this process, not all applicants are guaranteed advancement through the exam process. Applicants who pass this screening will be invited to a panel interview.
  3. Panel interview (weight: 100%) which may include a pre-interview writing and/or analysis exercise. Applicants who pass the interview will be placed on an eligible list and top ranked candidates will be invited to a second interview.

All interviews will be conducted in person in San Mateo County, California. Applicants must participate at their own expense and must adhere to the dates listed below. 

Final Filing Date: May 10, 2018
Application Screening: TBD
Combined Panel Interviews: TBD

At the County of San Mateo, we take pride in the way our employees bring together their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to serve our community's needs. The County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Analyst: Arlene Cahill (032218) (Director of Self Sufficiency - D019)


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