Job: Estate Property Officer - Limited-Term (Open)

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Estate Property Officer - Limited-Term (Open)
Closing Date/Time:Mon. 03/13/17 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary:$24.39 - $30.48 Hourly
$1,951.20 - $2,438.40 Biweekly
$4,227.60 - $5,283.20 Monthly
$50,731.20 - $63,398.40 Annually
Job Type:Extra Help - Agile (Limited Term)
Location:San Mateo County, California
NOTE: This recruitment schedule was amended on March 7, 2017 from a continuous recruitment to closing. The Final Closing Date will be March 13, 2017. 
**Please note:  This position has been filled.

The Aging and Adult Services Division of the San Mateo Health System is seeking a qualified individual for a limited-term Estate Property Officer position.  Estate Property Officers (EPO) conduct inventories and store personal property entrusted to the County, and arrange for the sale and distribution of such property.

The Estate Property Officer is responsible for the proper inventory, appraisal, storage, and coordination of disposition of personal and real property of frail elderly and gravely disabled individuals placed under the jurisdiction of the Public Guardian and the estates of decedents who are appointed under the jurisdiction of the Public Administrator. Some of the duties include preparing a detailed and accurate inventory and record of estate personal property; packing and moving household objects to centralized storage location; making appraisals to be used in estimating the value of the property; inspecting estate houses, buildings and facilities; and coordinating the maintenance of these properties.

The current vacancy is a limited term, at-will position. Limited Term Employees are assigned to assignments not to exceed 3 years. They receive medical and dental benefits, similar to regular employees, and a defined contribution retirement plan.
 Examples Of Duties:
  • Evaluate worth of household goods and furnishings.
  • Lift and move moderate to heavy objects using dollies, hand trucks, forklifts and other devices where appropriate.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of estate personal property.
  • Provide information to heirs, attorneys and other interested parties regarding County policies and procedures.
  • Recommend which property should remain in an estate location or be packed and centrally stored.
  • Perform legal document searches in residences; recover valuables; may remove dangerous substances.
  • Pack and move household objects such as furniture, appliances and dishware to a centralized storage location; stack, cover and store property for safekeeping; may recover or transport evidence.
  • Drive or arrange for towing of automobiles to storage; arrange for use of specially equipped trucks to move property too cumbersome for assigned vehicle.
  • Segregate property according to whether it is to be held for heirs or disposed of according to instructions.
  • Make appraisals to be used in estimating the value of the property; arrange for detailed appraisals in specialized areas.
  • Arrange property for display to facilitate the sale and for security purposes during the proceedings; release property to authorized persons.
  • Maintain accurate records showing the amount and location of property in storage.
  • Inspect estate houses, buildings and facilities; clean or arrange for the cleaning and maintenance of such properties; perform general maintenance on real property.
  • Operate special material handling equipment.
  • May collect rent for estate property temporarily held by the County.
  • May explain policies and procedures associated with the estate to relatives or others who may be irate or under emotional stress.
  • May direct and coordinate the work of others in moving property or in the maintenance of real property.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:
  • Procedures and techniques for the receipt, storage, inventory, appraisal, safeguard and disposal of personal and real property.
  • Office practices and procedures, including filing and the operation of standard office equipment such as a calculator.
  • Principles and techniques for dealing with the public, occasionally when relations may be strained.
  • Business arithmetic, including percentages and decimals.
  • Basic record keeping principles and practices.
  • Basic business data processing applications.
Skill/Ability to:
  • Inspect, receive, store, inventory, safeguard and dispose of various personal and real property.
  • Organize and maintain accurate files and records.
  • Read, interpret, apply and explain rules, policies and procedures.
  • Organize and maintain accurate records and files.
  • Use initiative and sound independent judgment within established guidelines.
  • Deal tactfully and effectively with a variety of individuals, some of whom may be hostile or irate.
  • Operate standard office equipment, including an adding machine, calculator, typewriter, and/or word processor.
  • Operate material handling equipment safely.
  • Direct the work of others on a project basis.
  • Move furniture and materials using appropriate equipment.
  • Work in hazardous or unsanitary conditions.
  • Work independently using independent judgment and initiative.
Education and Experience:
Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to qualify is:

One year of experience in either shipping, receiving or storing personal property and furniture, or in store keeping, property management or appraisal.

  • Possession of a class C California driver license or equivalent.

If you are interested in being considered for this limited-term position, the following materials must be electronically submitted in a Word or PDF format.
  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Responses to these supplemental questions:
    • Position requires a valid California class C driver license or equivalent. Provide your 1) driver license number and 2) the expiration date.
    • Give a detailed description of your work experience receiving, inventorying, appraising, storing and safeguarding personal and real property. Be specific.
    • Describe an experience you have had working as part of an effective team. Include your role, the goal/project, and outcome. Be specific.
    • Give a detailed description of your experience lifting or carrying bulky or heavy objects. Additionally, list any training you have had in this area. Be specific.
    • Give a detailed description of your experience operating large trucks and/or forklifts. Additionally, list any training you have had in this area. Be specific.
Please include the words "Estate Property Officer - Limited-Term" in the subject line of your email submission.  Please submit the required materials electronically via email to:
Marie Fontana, Estate Property Supervisor

Application materials will be reviewed as they are received and well-qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.
San Mateo County is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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