Job: Supervising Criminalist-Controlled Substances & Blood/Breath Alcohol (Departmental Promotional Only)

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Supervising Criminalist-Controlled Substances & Blood/Breath Alcohol (Departmental Promotional Only)
Closing Date/Time:Thu. 06/29/17 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Salary:$51.82 - $64.77 Hourly
$4,145.60 - $5,181.60 Biweekly
$8,982.13 - $11,226.80 Monthly
$107,785.60 - $134,721.60 Annually
Job Type:Full-Time
Location:San Mateo County, California
The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring proper quality assurance and quality control measures for the Forensic Laboratory's Controlled Substances and Blood/Breath Alcohol Unit.  This includes documentation of instrument calibrations and maintenance logs; reviewing all relevant casework; maintaining the Unit's accreditation standards; continuous evaluation of methods employed including an annual review of all manuals; proposing new and/or modified analytical procedures to be used by the analysts.  The position will be in addition responsible for assigning casework; ensuring the timely completion of assigned casework; addressing the day-to-day operational needs of the Unit; and annual employee evaluations.
The ideal candidate will be experienced in performing casework utilizing the following instruments; GCMS, GC-FID, FTIR, Polarizing Light Microscope, and the Draeger breath alcohol instruments.  This candidate will have extensive experience and knowledge in alcohol impairment testimony.  This candidate will possess good time management skills, will be self-motivated, and have meticulous organizational abilities.

Note: A pay differential of 5% is offered for certification by the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners or certification by the American Board of Criminalists.  A pay differential of 2.5% is offered for Crime Scene Certification by the International Association for Identification.


Knowledge of: Current forensic methods and techniques used in the analysis and evaluation of physical evidence; principles of organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and physiology; common types of controlled substances, as defined by the Uniform Controlled Substances Act of the California Health and Safety Code; chemical characteristics of drugs, poisons and narcotics commonly encountered in forensic toxicology; various types of equipment found in a laboratory of criminalistics including, but not limited to gas chromatograph, infrared spectrophotometer and ultraviolet spectrophotometer; recent developments, literature and sources of information relative to criminalistics; principles of supervision and training; principles and methods of supervision, organization, and staffing applicable to a criminalist laboratory.

Skill/Ability to:  Supervise, direct, coordinate and evaluate the work of subordinate personnel; exercise tact and good judgment in dealing with law enforcement officials, staff and the public; perform complex physical and chemical tests used in the analysis of physical evidence; testify in court about special analytical processes of criminalistics and toxicology; exercise initiative in recognizing and resolving problems; communicate verbally; write clear, concise reports and correspondence.

Education and Experience: Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to qualify is four years of experience in the practice of criminalistics, which has included experience in collecting, analyzing and evaluating physiological fluids, controlled substances and other physical evidence gathered from crime scenes.

Other Requirements: Participation as a supervisor in the Laboratory's on-call crime scene rotation schedule.  Pass a detailed background investigation prior to appointment.


Departmental Promotional Only. Only current San Mateo County employees in the Sheriff's Office with at least six months (1040 hours) of continuous service in a classified regular, probationary, SEIU or AFSCME represented extra-help/term position prior to the final filing date may apply.

The examination process will consist of an application screening (weight: Pass/Fail) based on the candidates' application and responses to the supplemental questions. Candidates who pass the application screening will be invited to a panel interview (weight: 100%). Depending on the number of applicants, an application appraisal of education and experience may be used in place of other examinations or further evaluation of work experience may be conducted to group applicants by level of qualification. All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. All examinations will be given in San Mateo County, California and applicants must participate at their own expense. 

IMPORTANT: Applications for this position will only be accepted online. If you are currently on the County's website, you may click the "Apply Online" button above or below. If you are not on the County's website, please go to to apply.

Tentative Recruitment Schedule:
Final Filing Date:  June 29, 2017 at 11:59 PM
Application Screening: Week of July 3, 2017
Civil Service Panel Interviews: Week of July 17, 2017
Departmental Interviews:  TBD

AB 218:
The County of San Mateo does not require job applicants to disclose conviction history information until after the applicant successfully completes all examination phases for the recruitment. All passing applicants will receive instructions by email only from Human Resources staff to complete and submit a conviction history questionnaire online within a specified deadline of two business days.  Failure to do so within the timeframe will disqualify you from the rest of the process.  Please visit this link at to find out more information about the conviction history questionnaire so that you can prepare accordingly.
Note: Positions in criminal justice agencies currently required by law to pass background checks are exempted from this bill, and applicants may be required to submit conviction information at the time of application.
County of San Mateo is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Analyst:  Mandy Singh  (061517) (Supervising Criminalist - H027)

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